Hello! We are Connie and Tony of C & T Research.

Look no further for your perfect, personalised gift - a fully documented family tree for yourself or someone special. The majority of our completed and fully documented projects cost less than $450.

You’ve found our site, so you must be interested in discovering your family tree – either for yourself or someone else. You’ve come to the right place - we can help you! Just send us an email with your contact information or if you prefer, give us a call, and we will take it from there.

We will need some basic information to do a free preliminary search and then we’ll be able to tell you how far back we can go. Call us in the USA (972) 800-1870.

Maybe you want a unique and different birthday or anniversary gift for someone, a parent, a sibling or your spouse - contact us. We've worked on family tree projects like that - we can provide a delightful gift for that special someone.

A few things to remember as you explore our site and see what we can offer when we research your family tree:

    Unlike many genealogists who charge a fee just to determine what they can do for you, we do not and only accept your family tree research project when we know we can meet your objectives.

    We are big on communicating with our clients – once we get started, expect to hear from us regularly.  We tend to get involved with our research and will fill your family tree with as much as we find.

    Which leads to the next thing to consider – unlike others who charge by the hour and adjust those hours upwards as they determine it will take longer, we do not! We always go the extra mile when researching your family tree regardless of how many hours we originally determined it would take.

Best Regards - Connie & Tony

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